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Exclusive Exclusion: Wired Fire Safety Glass For Windows Near Doors

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If you own a home that has windows or glass panes next to the doorknob side of a door, you might want to replace those with fire glass, particularly wired fire safety glass. This is a tough glass that has both an impact-resistant layer built into it and a layer of wire mesh. These two features go a long way toward stopping someone from smashing the glass by the door and unlocking the locks.

Double Duty

Having both an impact-resistant layer and the mesh is not overkill, it's enhancement. The impact-resistant layer makes it harder for people to smash the glass so they can reach through and unlock the door to get in. The wire provides an extra barrier that prolongs the time they'd have to spend at the door—and risk being heard or seen by someone in the neighborhood—and requires the intruder to have cutting tools that they might not normally carry.

Impact-resistant glass is no stranger to break-in prevention; in 2012, the Sun-Sentinel reported that a burglar was unable to get into a house when he was unable to break through hurricane glass. The article goes on to state that hurricane glass may have also thwarted a few other potential burglaries as well.

But wired fire glass has an extra advantage because the wire layer might make the potential burglar avoid the windows in the first place. If the entry won't be convenient, there's no sense in trying.

Don't DIY

Wired fire safety glass isn't universal. You have to be sure to get safety glass specifically. While there are films you could add to non-safety glass, those could increase fire risk, notes Glass Magazine. So if you want wired fire safety glass, you need to get new panes that already contain all of the layers. You can get the glass in clear or marbled versions if you prefer not to have people seeing into your home.

You can also get non-wired fire safety glass—or even hurricane glass—installed in other windows that aren't by the door. Those will let you look out at the view from your house as if they were completely normal glass windows.

If you'd like more information on wired fire glass, safety glass, hurricane glass, and lots of other impact-resistant and burglar-thwarting glass types, contact a window installation company (such as Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc). They will help you choose the most appropriate type of glass for windows that are in potentially unsecured areas.