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3 Cool Shower Door Ideas

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Showers are one of those fixtures that many people don't pay attention to with regards to design. This is a mistake because they are often one of the largest fixtures in your bathroom and will therefore act as a focal point. If your shower is unattractive, then your entire bathroom might come off as less than aesthetically pleasing. In order to stop this from happening, you can either redo your entire shower or you can just replace your shower door. Here are three cool shower door ideas that will salvage the aesthetic state of your bathroom.

1. Use a Frame Shower Door

One increasingly popular option is to make your entire shower door frameless. This means that there is no frame surrounding your shower. Instead, the fully glass shower door is mounted to the wall itself. This will make the room feel much more open. If you are concerned about privacy issues, you can install a glass shower door that has been strategically frosted in the center to help you retain your modesty if someone should accidentally come into the bathroom while you are using the shower.

2. Use a Patterned, Windowed Door

Another option is for you to purchase a glass door that has been frosted into a checkerboard pattern. Half the checkerboard squares will be frosted so that they are nearly opaque, while other squares on the checkerboard can either be clear so that you can see through them, or have patterns on them. If your bathroom is already styled a certain way, it is easy to make this door match your current style by having the pictures that are in the door match some of the motifs of the bathroom. An example of this would be if your bathroom has a nautical theme, then you can make the pictures sailboats or whales. This will keep your bathroom cohesive.

3. Use a Bamboo-Patterned Sliding Door

Finally, it is possible for you to have a door designed so that it looks like it is cut bamboo, or even rice paper mixed with bamboo. This will give your shower a distinct style, especially if it is a sliding door because it will result in an Asian decor flavor. Further the look by actually decorating with stalks of cut bamboo in large vases near the shower door.

For more design ideas for your shower door, contact a company like Alabama Glass Works Inc that specializes in shower door manufacture or installation.