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3 Tips To Make Your Windows More Secure After A Burglary

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When your home is broken into, it can be deeply disturbing and unsettling. While no homeowner is happy to have their personal property stolen, many people find that break-ins affect them emotionally more than financially. Many burglars gain access to homes by breaking windows and sliding glass doors. If you have been a victim of a burglary where glass windows or doors were broken, use the following tips to make your home more secure:

Consider Impact-Resistant Glass

After your home is broken into, it may be a good idea to invest in impact-resistant glass. This type of glass is very secure, and it is much harder to break than the glass that is typically used for windows or doors. While standard windows only have one pane of glass, impact-resistant windows have two layers of tempered glass, and these panes are bonded to a shatter-proof membrane in the middle. You may only have one window that needs glass replacement after a burglary, but replacing all of your windows with impact-resistant glass can be an investment that will help you feel safer and more secure in your home.

Apply Security Film to You Windows

When a broken window allows criminals into your home, it may make you realize that your windows or glass doors are not as secure as you thought they were. If you can't afford impact-resistant glass for your windows, security film may be a budget-friendly option to help make your windows safer. There are a variety of security films for windows available, and they are usually applied to the inside of glass windows. It is much more difficult for glass to shatter since the sticky film will hold the fragments in place. A burglar wants to be in and out before he or she gets caught, so if it is hard to get in through your windows that have security film, a burglar may walk away.

Install Window Alarms

Most homes have multiple windows, and they are typically a weak point when it comes to home security. There are several ways to make them more secure through alarms. If you currently have a security system, you can ask your security company to upgrade the window alarms after a break-in. If you don't have a monitored security system, you may feel more secure after a break-in if you install individual alarms on each window to alert you if they are opened or broken unexpectedly.