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Have Bees In Your Old Wood Windows? Consider Replacing The Windows Fast

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If carpenter bees are drilling holes throughout your wood windows and they are cracked and worn, it's time to protect your home and upgrade the windows. Your windows protect a lot of structural components throughout the house, and the bees could be doing significant damage.

New windows are going to help with energy efficient and aesthetics, and improve the value of your home. When you invest your money in new windows there are a few features you want to consider, even if they add to the cost.

High Performance Glass

High performance glass is going to be a great barrier to prevent air loss in the home, and to prevent outdoor air from getting in. The high performance glass is thick so isn't affected as much by temperature changes, and there won't be as much condensation as there is with single pane windows. The thickness also helps reduce noise s from passing through the windows.

Window Tinting or Glazing

If you don't want to pay for the high performance glass, get windows with tint or glazing. This is going to protect the home from UV ray damage, and it's going to help with heating and cooling expenses. You can even have the tint added after your windows have been installed.

Insulated Vinyl Frames

An affordable and long lasting window replacement option is vinyl clad frames. The frames don't fade or chip and you can choose from a variety of colors to match your home. These aren't going to fade in the sun or get chipped, and they require no maintenance. Just cleaning when needed.

The insulated windows are going to help with energy costs, they are going to protect the structure of the home, and vinyl is impermeable to pests and water. This means you don't have to worry about leaks, bees, termites and other common window problems for homeowners.

If the bees are burrowing holes throughout the wood window frames around your house, water could be getting inside the wood frame of the home, in the insulation and more. The bees could also eventually end up getting inside the home to nest and look for food. Call the window professionals to get a quote for new vinyl windows around the home, and choose a high quality energy efficient glass option. The more quotes you have from local contractors, like Five Star Windows Inc, the more documents you have to negotiate a lower price for the installation.