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Materials For Creating A Japanese-Style Bath

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The Japanese-style bathroom is the ultimate in contemporary design. Such a room features the clean lines and clear geometry characteristic of modern design. However, the Japanese bathroom blends this modern aesthetic with natural tranquility. Create a serene bathroom with Japanese style.

Glass Walls

Japanese-style bathrooms feature an open floor plan. The eye should be able to skim around the whole scene. However, you still want to delineate certain areas. Achieve this effect by topping half-walls with glass or even having full glass walls installed. If you want a little more privacy, ask for pebbled glass. The pebbled glass changes the flow rather than interrupting it like a full wall would.

Glass Shower Doors

Along with glass walls, the material of choice for your shower is glass. If possible, have your entire shower stall enclosed in glass. This creates a division of space – and splash protection – without interrupting the flow of the room. If your bathroom floor plan doesn't allow for a full glass enclosure, select instead a glass door. Either way, opt for a rimless style to minimize the visual interruption. Likewise, consider asking for glass that's been specially treated to avoid color distortion.

Bamboo Accessories

Bamboo channels the nature-inspired vibe of the Japanese bathroom. Use this material for accessories such as baskets, toothbrush holders and sitting stools. Bamboo or reed is also a prime material for window shades. It's even possible to use bamboo as part of the wall covering, though not in the most humid areas.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a standard in Japanese design. Utilize this material for the shower surround and even the floor, if possible. At the very least, mimic natural stone with stamped and stained concrete. Include natural stone decorations such as soap stone, small statues and even massage rocks.

Hardwood Cabinets

Another traditional material for the Japanese bathroom is hardwood, especially Mahogany and teak. Utilize these materials for your cabinets and vanity. Mahogany and teak cabinets are especially attractive when stained to deepen their color.

Copper Soaking Tub

The centerpiece of any Japanese-style bathroom is the Japanese soaking tub. These tubs are deeper than a typical bathtub so that you can completely submerge in the water. Better Homes and Gardens suggests selecting a copper soaking tub for a dramatic silhouette, though wood also keeps in the Japanese tradition. The goal is to create a sense of communing with nature, so try to place the tub near a window. Otherwise, consider adding plants to your décor.

A Japanese-style bathroom gives a sense of Feng Shui with natural materials complemented by glass. For more information, speak with professionals like St. Charles Glass.