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Steps To A Great Shower Enclosure Remodel

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Upgrading your shower enclosure is one fairly simple way to give your bathroom a makeover. Here are some steps to a job well done. 

Step 1: Choose Your Glass Installation Team

The first thing to do is to research custom glass repair and installation teams in your area. If you know who your contractor is upfront, you will have a better idea of what resources are available to you. For instance, your glass shop may offer shower glass cutting, shower design, and installation services all in one bundle, meaning that you can get the job done quickly. They may even be able to point you in the right direction to choose the best custom glass or shower head upgrades to complement your new shower enclosure. 

Step 2: Choose and Price Your Glass

As mentioned, a glass shop like Sound Glass Sales, Inc. can help you locate potential glass colors and textures for the job. They can also advise you as to what thickness to choose. Have a glass contractor come to measure your shower space, so that they can translate these numbers into a dollar amount for the size and type of glass you need. If your glass comes in sheets, the glass shop can cut the larger sheet down to the size you need and finish the edges to avoid injury. 

Step 3: Locate Additional Parts

Depending on the type of shower door enclosure you want, you may need to purchase additional parts for your enclosure. For instance, if your walls are strong enough to support the glass, having your door wall mounted is a great choice; you'll want to search for the most attractive wall mounts to match your bathroom. You might also need to shop around to replace your shower head. If you are working with a very small space for your shower enclosure, or you want to install an open-sided shower door enclosure, then you might want to consider a wall mounted shower head. Otherwise, a good multispeed shower head can help you adjust the settings to make sure that water stays within the enclosure. 

Step 4: Get a Cost Estimate to Ready Your Shower

Finally, you will need to get a cost estimate for the entire custom glass job before you're done with planning. Additional costs may include removing the original shower enclosure, fortifying walls so that new glass may be mounted, and installing vents or fans in your bathroom.