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Types Of Glass Shower Enclosures

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If you have decided to get a glass shower enclosure, you are on the right track to a bathroom remodel with excellent taste. But there are still many types of designs that fall within the realm of glass shower enclosures. Here are some of the options you have.

Glass and Aluminum Sectional Glass Enclosures

One of the more modern styles of glass enclosures uses aluminum frames and sectional glass to make a design statement with your shower doors.

Glass Blocks

Glass blocks are a traditional style of glass design because of their great functionality. The glass material lets light in and brightens the room. But since the glass blocks are thicker than a single pane of glass, they provide for additional privacy since they are less transparent. And there are lots of textures that can be added onto glass blocks to give the room more style.

Tub Enclosures

You should also think about what you want the base of the shower enclosure to be. Having a drain only is one option. But a bathtub also makes a nice container for the shower enclosure. It is an efficient use of space, for one. And it also caters to many different styles of bathers within the family.

Sliding Doors

Another option is to use a sliding door enclosure for shower doors. These are a fairly standard option because they allow you to fully contain water, but they are also easy to access. One thing to note is that you must make sure that the tracks are custom fit to your shower enclosure; you wouldn't want for your doors to slide off and break.

Standalone Enclosures

You may tend to think of a shower enclosure as being attached to multiple walls. But a standalone glass enclosure is a feature of the room in that it is open on all or most sides. There is a greater amount of glass, leading to a more open feel for the enclosure. And it gives you more options for adding texture to the room by redefining the configuration of the space.

This article gives you a preview of some of the design choices that are part of choosing a shower enclosure. Perhaps the best place to start is with a contractor from a company like Park Glass Inc; they can offer you photos of past shower enclosures they have designed. That way, you can see what their capabilities are, and you might get inspired for the perfect shower enclosure to fit in your home.