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Architectural Glass For Form And Function In Modern Construction

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New modern looking buildings are going up all over the country. In many big cities, there are building that look as though they were built out of nothing but glass but they do have a steel frame work under all those glass panes. The glass, call architectural glass has a function as well as looking good and needs to be cared for carefully to ensure it continues to look good for years to come.

Architectural Glass

Glass that is used as a building material in the construction of a building is known as architectural glass. The glass may serve as a wall inside or outside of a building, a roof panel, or even a floor panel in some cases. The glass is extremely durable and strong enough to support the weight and force put on it as a structural part of the building.

Caring For Architectural Glass

Like any glass, this highly durable glass needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it looking great. Glass on the outside of the building presents the biggest challenge because if your building is 100 stories of all glass, someone is going to have to hang off the side of the building to clean it. There are many window washers that specialize in this kind of work but even with the right equipment, the time involved and the risk taken is pretty high. Many skyscrapers or high rise buildings are being cleaned every day by window washers who will never finish the job. There is so much glass that they just clean a different part of it every day.

Damage To Architectural Glass

If these large panes of glass are damaged, replacing them is a huge job. The damaged panel needs to be removed and a new one hoisted into place on the building with a crane and other specialty equipment. Most of the time the job involves installers suspended on the outside of the building and another inside. While damage is rare to these heavy duty panes of glass, it can happen and if it does, it is critical to replace it as it is a structural component of the building.

Hiring A Glass Contractor For Repairs

If the glass is damaged, you will need to find a contractor, such as from Allied Glass & Mirror, that specializes in repairing or replacing these large structural panes of glass. The contractor may be local or you may have to search for one somewhere else in the country. If the contractor has to bring a crew in from out of town, the cost is going to be higher but you have to have a crew with a lot of experience in this type of work to complete the job without injuries, further damage to the building, or other problems. The cost may be worth it to get the job done properly and in a reasonable time frame.