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Commercial Door Repair And Maintenance For Your Business

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Owning a business comes with a lot of things to think about every day but the last thing you want to have to think about is the door that people use not working properly. This can be a very real concern if you have just one entrance to the business and a door that operates automatically when people approach it. If the door is not working, people can not come into your business.

Maintenance Of Your Doors

Keeping the doors working on your business is important and if the doors are automatic, you might be able to benefit from setting up a regular maintenance plan and have a door company service all the moving parts on a schedule. While they are there, they can check all the electronic components of the system as well. Most commercial door companies can handle the service for you so talk to a company close to your business and see what you can set up with them. If they are local to you, they can set up emergency services as part of the contract for you as well.

Dealing With Glass Breakage

Because so many commercial doors have glass in them, you might want to make sure the door company that you use for your maintenance can also deal with the glass in the door in case of damage to it. The door should have safety glass in it that will help it stay in place should it become cracked or broken but the glass still needs to be removed and replaced if damage occurs. The glass in the door is typically two tempered glass panels that have a sheet of very durable plastic sandwiched between them. The plastic is designed to keep the glass sheets in the door if they are cracked and also make it very difficult for a would-be thief to get through if they try breaking the glass get entry to the business after hours.

Repairing The Aluminum Frame

Most of the commercial doors on retail businesses are aluminum frames that are lightweight but very durable. They don't require a lot of maintenance but the hinges should be lubricated regularly, the handles checked and tighten as they need it and any door closure hardware inspected and checked. Taking the time to maintain the door and its hardware on a regular basis can help you avoid problems that may be costly to repair later on. Talk to the door company that installed the door or one near you to find out how often they recommend the doors be serviced.

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