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A Crack In Your Glass Patio Door Could Be A Danger If Not Replaced Promptly

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A crack in a sliding glass door requires immediate repair for safety reasons. Compromised glass can shatter and fall out unexpectedly, and that puts your family and pets at risk of an injury. Plus, your home will be an easy target for intruders if the glass is cracked and easy to kick out. You can hire a glass installation service to come to your home to replace the glass as soon as possible. Here are some steps you can take to protect your family while you wait.

Keep Your Kids And Pets In Another Room

You don't want to risk having your pets jump against the glass or one of your kids forgetting about it and opening the door while the glass is cracked. It's best to keep pets and small kids away from the glass entirely until it can be replaced. Tell older kids to stay away from the door and not use it until it's safe to do so.

Board Up The Door If Necessary

If the accident happens late in the evening or if the glass is damaged by an intruder in the middle of the night, it may be more convenient to cover the damage until the next day when you can have it repaired. You may not have suitable materials handy, but if you have plywood or large pieces of cardboard you can place on the door, this might keep the glass contained so it doesn't harm anyone. You might even try using a heavy blanket to block the door. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to block the door to keep out cold wind in the winter or heat in the summer.

Handle Broken Glass Carefully

If the glass in your patio door shatters and pieces drop to the floor, you'll want to pick them up to dispose of them. Wear thick gloves when handling broken glass to prevent cuts. If most of the glass has fallen out, you may need to pick out shards left in the frame as a safety precaution. If there is a crack only and the glass is still in place, it could be best to avoid bothering the patio door until a professional comes to your home to deal with the repairs.

Even if the crack in the door seems minor, you should still have it looked at as soon as possible. A patio door usually gets a lot of use from opening and closing. All that vibration could cause the crack to expand and the glass to fail. Plus, a crack in a patio door is usually quite noticeable and that can be an annoyance and eyesore. When you have your old glass replaced, you may want to choose safety glass or impact glass for your new door so there is less risk of damage in the future.