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3 Keys For Your Next Bathroom Improvement Project

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If you'd like to ramp up your home value, it really doesn't get much better than making improvements to your bathroom. When you opt to remodel your bathroom through some key changes, you will be able to get your money's worth, since the ROI potential is absolutely tremendous. With this in mind, read on and consider these factors so that you can get what you need out of your bathroom, while also making your home a much better place to live.

#1: Start with your shower

Since your shower is a fixture in your home you use more than almost any other, make sure that you start with this fixture when you are remodeling your bathroom. Investing in an exquisite shower, complete with decorated, beautiful shower glass gives you the chance to really enjoy luxury in your bathroom. It adds a tremendous amount of value to your household and you will love using it each and every day. To install a brand-new shower, it might cost you somewhere between about $1,200 and $5,600 with the cost typically hovering around $3,400. Shop around with some great bathroom contractors to get exactly what you need.

#2: Considering buying a jetted tub

Seriously, investing in a jetted tub is one of the best things that you can do for your bathroom. This is not simply a matter of luxury, but a matter of health and well-being that will transform your mind and body. In today's society, a lot of people are overworked to the point of being stressed out more often than not. People are walking around riddled with the cortisol stress hormone and feeling as though that they can never get over the hump. When you have a jetted hot tub, you can relax in it to greatly reduce your stress levels, while also reducing the tension and pain in your body. People use these tubs regularly so that they can deal with pain relief and make sure that their body is rested and recuperated, rather than sore and fatigued. People also use these tubs for chronic conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel, and experts have shown that soaking in a hot tub can even lower your blood pressure and regulate your blood sugar levels. Shop around for a quality hot tub so that you can transform your bathroom.

#3: Always go eco-friendly

Finally, do what you can to find eco-friendly options whenever possible. Only do business with plumbers that install low flow toilets and showers, and take every step to make sure the work is green friendly. This pays off by lowering your utility bills and making sure your bathroom is far less wasteful.

Contemplate these three tips to get the most from your bathroom renovation.