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Tempered, Chemically, Or Thermally Treated Panes May Protect Your Home During Storms Or Possible Invasions

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If you endured a rough hurricane season last year, you may have encountered moments where you thought some of your residence's windows would shatter. If your home wound up being unscathed after the storm season ended, you were fortunate because the damage could have been much worse. It is wise to not take anymore chances with your home's state and have storm windows installed.

Tempered Or Impact Resistant Glass Are Suitable

Tempered panes have been treated chemically or thermally to toughen glass. After the cooling process, a pane's outer edges are compressed and the middle portion can withstand much more tension than a standard pane. Tempered products are resilient to shattering in a traditional manner that involves shards flying forward as a result of being impacted by a strong force.

If a tempered pane was subjected to strong winds from a hurricane, glass could break, but the broken pieces would be small and aligned next to one another and would not be likely to become airborne.

Impact resistant panes consist of two singular panes that are aligned next to one another. In the middle of the panes, there is a layer of polyurethane. The middle layer acts as a buffer and attractant. If the outer pane of an impact resistant pane breaks, glass pieces will adhere to the inner core and prevent debris or airflow from entering a residence. 

Safety Panes Will Be Beneficial During Other Situations

Storm protection windows are not only useful during bad weather. Because glass shards could injure you or a loved one severely if they were to be pushed or blown into your home, protection windows can be a great asset if someone attempts to break into your home. Imagine a person standing outside of a window with the intention of shattering the pane and sneaking into your home so that they can steal some items of value.

If a tempered or impact resistant pane is inside of the window casing, the burglar will notice that the glass is not going to break as easily as they hoped. They will realize that they cannot enter your home as they wish and this could stop a theft from occurring.

Even if the intruder decides to continue striking the glass until there is a large enough area for them to squeeze through, number one : shards of glass will probably not come into contact with your body or the body of one of your loved ones and number two : the extra amount of time that it takes the person to sufficiently break the glass will allow enough time to safely exit the premises and call the cops.