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Upgrading To Impact Resistant Windows

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Upgrading to impact resistance windows can be a major improvement in your home. Investing in this change can improve the home's security and safety without having to compromise the appearance of the home.

Will The Entire Window Frame Need To Be Replaced?

Homeowners that are wanting to enjoy the benefits of impact-resistant windows may assume that only the glass in the frame will need to be replaced. However, this could lead to a situation where the glass is stronger than the frame. As a result, impacts could cause the frame to break despite the glass remaining intact. Often, these damages will be in the form of small cracks forming where the glass meets the frame. By upgrading the frames as well, you can ensure the window will be as durable as possible when it is faced with impacts from flying debris or other airborne objects that could strike it.

Should Every Window Be Replaced With Impact Glass?

It might seem as though every window in the home will have to be upgraded in order for the home to be protected. While this would be the ideal option, this may not always be practical due to the costs that could be involved. If this is the case for you, it may be best to prioritize the windows that will receive this upgrade. More specifically, windows that face the dominant direction of the wind should be upgraded, as storm winds are most likely to be blowing from this direction. Additionally, any windows near large trees should be upgraded to avoid the risk of broken windows due to branches. Those that live in the proximity of golf courses will also need to consider the risk of errant balls striking the home.

Are Impact Windows Still Able To Break?

Despite the fact that impact windows will be dramatically stronger than traditional glass, they are still able to be broken. To further reduce the risk of the windows suffering damage from strong impacts, storm shutters can be placed on the outside of the windows. These shutters can be closed when there are especially strong storms in the area so that the glass will have an additional layer of protection against flying debris. The exterior shutters can be custom made to match the design and color scheme of your home, which can be a useful for those that have a specific look that they are wanting to maintain for their home.

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