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Do I Need Impact Windows?

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Most homes do not have impact-resistant windows. However, depending on where you live, impact-resistant windows are a great investment and might be essential. There are also several other factors that may make impact-resistant windows seem like a great idea for your home. 

Protection from Hurricanes

One of the most common reasons why a homeowner might choose to install impact windows is because they live in a hurricane-prone area. Impact windows are able to handle the high winds and the debris that is hurled at the window. When selecting impact windows for hurricanes, you'll want to consider whether you'll need one for a medium or large missile impact. How the window is attached and the materials that the window is made out of is based on the type of impact window.

Impact windows are especially important for homes in hurricane-prone areas because pieces of wood can come crashing through your window and the loss of your windows can lead to air pressure building up in your home. This can lead to your roof being lifted off of your house. This not only can cause a lot of damage but place you and your family in serious danger. 

Because impact windows are tested to be able to withstand strong winds, there is nothing else you can do to your home that will better increase the odds that your home will remain intact during a hurricane. 

Protection from UV Rays

Those who live in hurricane-prone areas are also more likely to live in a sunny area, but this isn't always the case. Homes in sunny areas still benefit from impact windows because they can block almost all of the harmful UV rays. Impact windows also make your home more energy-efficient because they reduce the amount of heat that passes through your windows. 

Protection from Intruders

If you live in an area where you are worried about intruders, impact windows will protect your home from entry. If the intruders try to break your windows to get inside, it will be substantially harder with impact windows. 

Protection from Loud Sounds

Areas that are very loud also benefit from impact windows because they can dampen loud sounds. This is important if you live in an urban setting and are tired of hearing the sound of traffic or construction. If any of these issues are a concern, you should schedule an appointment to meet with an impact window specialist.