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3 Tips To Make Your Windows More Secure After A Burglary

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When your home is broken into, it can be deeply disturbing and unsettling. While no homeowner is happy to have their personal property stolen, many people find that break-ins affect them emotionally more than financially. Many burglars gain access to homes by breaking windows and sliding glass doors. If you have been a victim of a burglary where glass windows or doors were broken, use the following tips to make your home more secure: Read More»

3 Cool Shower Door Ideas

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Showers are one of those fixtures that many people don’t pay attention to with regards to design. This is a mistake because they are often one of the largest fixtures in your bathroom and will therefore act as a focal point. If your shower is unattractive, then your entire bathroom might come off as less than aesthetically pleasing. In order to stop this from happening, you can either redo your entire shower or you can just replace your shower door. Read More»

Exclusive Exclusion: Wired Fire Safety Glass For Windows Near Doors

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If you own a home that has windows or glass panes next to the doorknob side of a door, you might want to replace those with fire glass, particularly wired fire safety glass. This is a tough glass that has both an impact-resistant layer built into it and a layer of wire mesh. These two features go a long way toward stopping someone from smashing the glass by the door and unlocking the locks. Read More»