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How to Be Eco-Friendly for Minor Car Maintenance

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When your car needs minor maintenance work of whatever variety, your instinct is often going to be to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible and with the least amount of thought on your part. No one wants to spend too much effort on minor car maintenance. The problem is that this leads to a lot of waste. Here are some eco-friendly ways to improve your maintenance game.

Auto Oil Changes

Americans use 18 million barrels of oil daily on their vehicles. This puts a lot of carbon dioxide into the air. That means that every quick oil change that you get could have a tangible effect on the environment.

One solution is to look for services that offer green maintenance specifically. Some of these can give you oil that lasts as long as 6,000 miles or more. Others have special biodegradable oil that lasts as long as 24,000 miles. So not only will you be changing your oil less which will be less of a hassle, but you're also using oil that breaks down safely instead of poisoning the atmosphere.

You could even get a quick oil filter change at the right service as well. There are oil filters that can help to extend the need for oil changes up to 10,000 miles or more.

Eco-friendly Car Glass Repair for Minor Breaks

One way to be more eco-friendly with your minor windshield repairs is to use self-repairing auto glass. Some of this glass simply has a substance inside it that hardens when exposed to air. This could automatically repair minor breaks and divots which would help you be greener in your repairs since you wouldn't need to draw on external resources.

Other versions of it include requiring you to put an electric charge through the windshield to make the repairing action happen. This means you would be effectively making your own eco-friendly repairs. Glass takes a long time to breakdown in the environment, so you'd be doing the environment a big favor every time you don't completely replace your windshield.

After all, if you only have a small crack in your glass or just a little pit, it doesn't make sense to throw away the entire thing. You could instead just cause the glass to heal itself. Additionally, you can often purchase small kits for healing glass in your windshield or in your other car windows as well if you want to avoid waste. For more information, talk to a professional like M S Glass Outlet.